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European Energy install radar system at German wind park

Aug 23, 2018

New radar system to minimize issues from flashing lights at wind turbines

European Energy has teamed up with Quantec Sensors GmbH to install a new radar system near Wind Park Wittstedt in Niedersachen in Germany.

The four Enercon turbines will be fitted with a system from Quantec that detects signals from the nearby radar. The system ensures that turbines only activate their marking lights at the nacelle when air traffic is close by – contrary to now where the lights flashes constantly at night or fog. That will give a considerable reduction of the hassles experienced by neighbours and by passers.

“It is a nice solution that Quantec has provided. The flashing lights are often mentioned by neighbours when we discuss a potential project. This is a solution that can take that concern of the table. It is a solution that we more and more and I see interesting perspectives in these kind of systems, “ said Mikael D. Pedersen, Chief Technical Officer in European Energy.

The system will be installed in the fall of 2018 and be operational in 2019. PNE AG and Energy Consult GmbH is also part of the corporation, as they also utilise the radar for their nearby wind park.


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