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Alessandro Migliorini

Mar 10, 2022

Head of Italy

“I motivate my team by telling them that what we do is not “just” a job, but a mission to improve the quality of the planet.”

Who I am

I am a 46-year-old stubborn and visionary business man from Italy.

What I do at European Energy

In my daily work, I do various of tasks and I travel a lot. I meet a lot of stakeholders and I am almost always in a phone call.

What motivated me to work at European Energy

I had been following European Energy for some time and I saw the potential of expanding the company operations to Italy. My opinion is that Italy is one of the most promising countries when it comes to natural resources (especially solar power) – it has a significant margin of expansion.

The best things about European Energy

The best things about working for European Energy is the flexibility and the trust among colleagues and management. I also enjoy the easy communications with management.

How I make a difference as a manager

My personal goal is to show my team the importance of their support with a thank you. I always tend to be available to support my colleagues, also when the task is not mine. I appreciate good laughs at the same time as always being focused when needed.