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Carsten Böhlhoff

Mar 10, 2022

Senior Manager in European Energy

“I have been part of an amazing journey with europeanenergy.com. 13 years ago, i had 14 colleagues. today, i have more than 350 colleagues.”

Who I am

I am a 46-year-old German man. In 2020, I have lived in Denmark for 13 years and before that I lived 1 year in South Africa.

What I do at European Energy

Project economy is a department in between the project and finance departments – having a close collaborations with both. I work with everything from processes related to construction to budgeting to digital accounting. I also prepare internal analysis for the management.

What drives me

It is a true pleasure whenever we establish a new project and we get the actual numbers of how many households that have gotten access to green energy. It means a lot to me to be part of a developing company, which allows for a great variety of tasks. I have never been bored in my 13,5 years at European Energy.

What motivated me to work at European Energy

Getting the chance to work with renewable energy. It was not only due to altruistic reasons, but also because the industry had shown great potential. Furthermore, European Energy was a smaller company that did not require me to speak Danish.

The best things about European Energy

It is without doubt my colleagues. It is a pleasure working with colleagues from all over the world and to experience how different cultures intertwine in many ways. We are a young team, with a great social bond – also outside the office – and the company parties are legend.