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Jan Poulsen

Mar 10, 2022

Finance Director

“I strive to lift my team professionally as well as personally and I contribute to the good atmosphere.”

Who I am

I am an emphatic 53-year-old man from Denmark. I consider myself as being skilled and diligent.

What I do at European Energy

I am responsible for the financial controlling team and I am responsible for different tasks throughout the Finance Department. I function as sounding board to my team and colleagues, where I help push tasks forward. I try to make sure everybody is aware of their tasks and that they have the right tools to solve them. I have a close collaboration with other departments, and I meet colleagues from every corner of the company.

What motivated me to work at European Energy

I had a couple of business meetings with the management of European Energy. When they were looking for someone with my skills, I knew that European Energy would be a place for me. I found the tasks exciting and I saw the strong opportunities of personal and professional growth.

The best things about European Energy

I am surrounded by super talented colleagues and every day I learn something new. Moreover, I value working for a green and future-oriented company and to being of a growing business.

How I motivate my team

I believe it is essential to have great working conditions and a good atmosphere around the office. Everybody should have great opportunities of developing their personal and professional skills and of course a competitive salary package.