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Sisse H. Gadegaard

Mar 10, 2022

Senior Financial Controller

“I find it appealing to work with many different nationalities, the ambitious culture and that the management has a desire to improve the world environment.”

Who I am

I am a 51-year-old Danish woman. I am an extrovert, which I believe is because I have lived in 4 different countries. I appreciate the rush and high ambitions around the office and I consider myself as being determined towards my goals.

What I do at European Energy

I am one of the persons that have been in my department the longest, why I have become a kind of “go-to-person”, since I know a little bit about everything. Primarily, I am responsible for the German companies and salaries and I am also highly involved with the sales of wind and solar projects.

What motivated me to work at European Energy

During the financial crisis in 2011 I was seeking a new job. I found that European Energy was looking for an accountant with German language skills – a perfect fit for me. I then started as an accountant and after 3 years I became a financial controller.

The best things about European Energy

The best things about European Energy are the many different nationalities and the ambitious culture. I love that the mission of what we do is to improve the overall world environment.