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Meet Emma Aspelund

Meet our Deputy Transactions Manager in the M&A and Project Financing department, Emma Aspelund

The people in European Energy comes from a wide range of backgrounds whether it is in their education or place of birth. Yet we have a sense of family in the company.
Emma Aspelund, Deputy Transactions Manager, European Energy

Q&As with Emma

Who are you?
I am Emma. Je suis francaise. Right now I work and live in Copenhagen – but I have studied in Paris and Singapore and worked in London. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 14, so I do a lot of cooking myself. My signature dishes are pizza, tiramisu and kombucha. I like being healthy in general, so I run, meditate, and do yoga. I also like animals, and I have a Sacred Birman cat and want a toy poodle someday.

How would you describe yourself?
I like to smile though I am sometimes anxious. When something does not go my way, I will always try and fix it until I have a solution for it.

What do you do at European Energy? 
I look at the financing and funding for the company and some of our projects. I work a lot with Excel and Powerpoint, this can be for financial models or various presentations, like investor presentations. I am also involved in the valuation of our Power-to-X projects and the company business plan.

How do you try to be a creative enabler of the green transition?
I am very mindful of my own way of life, including what I eat and consume. I try to minimize the CO2-emissions I have myself by biking or using public transportation to work.

What is the best things about working at European Energy? 
The people in European Energy comes from a wide range of backgrounds whether it is in their education or place of birth. Yet we have a sense of family in the company. You can always have a nice chat in the kitchen areas and meet new people – especially since we are growing so much. This reflects itself in the work field as well, since colleagues are open to new and different ideas with everyone chipping in to overcome daily challenges and find creative solutions. This also requires a flat hierarchy, which in turn enables fast decision taking and gives people the opportunity to take responsibility. This way, I feel like I can openly express my opinion and be who I am. I am excited to work for a great cause, the green transition. It gives a purpose to my work day.

Why is it important for you that European Energy is a driving force in the green transition?
Climate change is a source of anxiety in my daily life. Therefore, it is important for me to do a meaningful and purposeful work in a company that is driving the green transition.

What are the best things about your colleagues?
They are fun to be around – and they are open-minded, smart and international.

European Energy has six core values. In it together, Excitement, Inclusion, Agility, Trust & Courage, and Ambition. What are the most important values for you and why?
The most important values to me are In it together, Excitement, Inclusion and Ambition. In it together because I value teamwork / friendship, so it is important that everyone is kind to each other and works toward the same goal. Excitement because life is short, so I want to spend my day doing something I am enjoying and excited about! Inclusion, because I want to be able to be myself without being judged and feel that I am free to express myself openly. Finally, ambition, because I always strive to deliver best-in-class work and solutions.

What has been your best experience so far at European Energy?
The various company events in European Energy are great. We have the annual company trip, the royal run and the ISS relay race.

What do you like to do outside work?
I like to practice sports (running, yoga), meditation. I also read (novels and personal development books), cook, bake, play with my cat, spend time with my husband, watch series and reality TV. I also watch a lot of dog training videos, although I don’t own a dog yet. I am also a volunteer at a dog shelter where I walk dogs that are up for adoption. I also like discovering new places, in DK or abroad, as well as discovering new restaurants.

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