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Meet Maria Apostolou

Meet our Project Assistant, Greece, Maria Apostolou

The best thing about working in European Energy is the multicultural environment, the ability to work virtually, the flexibility of the working hours, and the feeling of being respected and valued for what I bring.
Maria Apostolou, Project Assistant, European Energy

FAQs with Maria

Who are you?
I am Maria (26 years old from Greece), Project Assistant of the Greek Project Team.

How would you describe yourself?
Optimistic, flexible, patient, enthusiastic, organized.

What do you do at European Energy? 
I help develop solar and wind projects in Greece, especially in the permitting process. This means that I perform feasibility studies and make investigations around new technologies in the energy field for Greece.

How do you try to be a creative enabler of the green transition?
I try and reduce my consumption in my everyday life. I also re-use and recycle a lot of things that would normally have been thrown out.

What is the best things about working at European Energy? 
I really like that we are a global company with colleagues from all across the world and especially Europe. This gives a multicultural environment with colleagues that have widely different understandings and experiences.

The respectfulness of colleagues is also tremendously important. I have a feeling of being respected and valued for what I bring to the team by the many supportive people in the company.

Lastly the ability to work virtually and flexibility of working hours just brings an added boon to a very busy everyday life.

Why is it important for you that European Energy is a driving force in the green transition?
Because it guarantees a higher quality life for present and future generations : it benefits the climate, creates sustainable industry, transport, and cuts pollution. It also enables the economy to become independent of unstable energy process and scarce resources.

What are the best things about your colleagues?
My colleagues have the best positive attitude and are open-minded and smiling. Most importantly though they are people whom I can learn from as they push me to take on new and challenging opportunities.

European Energy has six core values. In it together, Excitement, Inclusion, Agility, Trust & Courage, and Ambition. What are the most important values for you and why?
Together, because working as a team we can achieve greater results than individually; trust & courage, because this helps us take on new challenges, which we feel are identified, recognized and rewarded. Inclusion, as first a colleague needs to feel engaged and valued, in order to perform to the maximum.

What has been your best experience so far at European Energy?
In European Energy we have an annual company trip. In 2021 it was in Aabenraa municipality in Denmark. Denmark has quite unsteady weather, and while it had been perfect weather in the morning, when it was time for outdoor activities it was pouring down cats and dogs. I was signed up to participate in the paddleboarding activity. Despite that everyone was soaked wet, it was all still good fun.

What do you like to do outside work?
Meeting with friends/family, travelling, cooking, sports.

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