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Meet Nikolay Musko

Meet our Senior Process Engineer, Nikolay Musko

“The excitement extends to seeing our projects come to life – transforming from computer simulations and paper drawings to large-scale industrial facilities.”
Nikolay Musko, Senior Process Engineer, European Energy

Q&As with Nikolay

Who are you?
I am Nikolay Musko, and I work as a Senior Process Engineer in the Power-to-X Department at European Energy. Most of my professional life has been dedicated to working with traditional methanol and ammonia production plants, which are based on fossil feedstocks like oil and natural gas. I am extremely excited to continue my professional journey in a far more sustainable direction. It is thrilling to apply my knowledge and skills to well-known chemical technologies, but now using renewable feedstock sources such as solar and wind energy, water, and carbon dioxide.

How would you describe yourself?
Professionally, I would describe myself as an introvert who, surprisingly, thrives in the company of others. At heart, I am a dedicated engineer, deeply passionate about the intricacies of my field – to put it simply, I’m quite the nerd! On a personal note, I often say that I was ‘yielded in Russia’ and have been ‘tempered in Denmark’ for the last 15 years. While maintaining my original cultural heritage, I must admit that my life in Denmark has significantly molded my values, my personal and professional lifestyle in many ways.

What do you do at European Energy?
As a chemical and process engineer at European Energy, I am deeply involved in an exciting and innovative aspect of our business – the Power-to-X field, specifically the ‘X’ part of it. European Energy has traditionally been focused on power generation business with solar panels and wind turbines. Now, we are expanding our expertise towards Power-to-X. In this sector, my role is key. I am actively involved in shaping and designing methanol synthesis technology, something quite new for European Energy. My expertise in chemical processes is crucial in developing this technology. Along with my colleagues, we are not just creating a new technology; we are crafting a path for a more sustainable future in energy.

How do you try to be a creative enabler of the green transition?
Working in the Power-to-X field at European Energy inherently places me at the heart of the green transition. Creativity here is a necessity. We are not just adopting someone else’s traditional methanol synthesis technology; we are developing our own! This process demands a deep dive into every aspect of the chemical process, selecting the most optimal and efficient solutions for each technical challenge. With hundreds of parameters and constraints to consider, creativity is the key to developing an efficient, competitive solution that aligns with our sustainability goals.

What are the best things about working at European Energy?
One of the best things about working at European Energy is how we mix “getting things done” with “having a good time”. In our Power-to-X department, there is always a friendly vibe and plenty of laughter. But even with all the fun, we are really focused and always keep up with our work. This mix of being efficient while enjoying our time together is what makes working here great for me.

Why is it important for you that European Energy is a driving force in the green transition?
One of our core values states we are “In it together”. I therefore share European Energy’s ambition to be a driving force in the green transition. This is crucial not only because it aligns with what our customers expect but also because it is beneficial for our business. More than that, it ensures that our growth is not just in terms of scale, but also in a manner that is beneficial for our planet and sustainable for the future.

What are the best things about your colleagues?
The best things about my colleagues at European Energy are their professionalism, openness, and sense of humor. I often find myself not the smartest person in the room, which I love because it means I am constantly learning from them. They are always open and willing to share their knowledge, making our collaborative efforts not only productive but also enriching. And perhaps most importantly, we share a sense of humour that makes every day enjoyable and lightens the atmosphere, even when we are tackling complex challenges. This combination of intelligence, helpfulness, and humour creates a dynamic and supportive work environment.

European Energy has six core values. In it together, Excitement, Inclusion, Agility, Trust & Courage, and Ambition. What are the most important values for you and why?
Among European Energy’s core values, the one that resonates with me the most is ‘Excitement.’ This value speaks to me because I find genuine excitement in every aspect of my work. From being a part of a team that is creating our own methanol synthesis technology, to the thrill of finding the most optimal technical solutions, each step fills me with enthusiasm. The excitement extends to seeing our projects come to life – transforming from computer simulations and paper drawings to large-scale industrial facilities. Witnessing our green methanol product being used as a sustainable fuel or component across multiple industries is particularly thrilling. This excitement, for me, is a driving force that fuels my passion and commitment to our work and goals.

What has been your best experience so far at European Energy?
My time at European Energy has been incredibly rewarding. In just over a year, I have experienced significant professional growth. What makes it even better is the bonding with my colleagues, many of whom have become my friends. It is a combination of personal and professional enrichment that has made my journey here truly memorable.

What do you like to do outside work?
Outside of work, I have a diverse range of hobbies and activities, but one of my passions is learning and exploring the Danish language. Even though I completed language school nearly a decade ago and speak Danish fluently, it is a never-ending journey, especially for someone with a technical and structured mindset like mine. I enjoy grammar exercises, discovering new Danish words, and writing short stories. It is a way for me to balance both my technical and humanistic interests.

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