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Great support for test wind turbines in Frederikshavn

Dec 15, 2018

Danish analysis and advisory company, Megafon, conducted a survey that shows popular support for European Energy’s proposed test near-shore wind park on the coast of Frederikshavn, Denmark. 

66% of residents in Frederikshavn Municipality are positive or very positive about the proposed near-shore test wind park on the coast of Frederikshavn, while just 18% are negative or very negative.

These figures come from a recent survey conducted by Danish analysis and advisory company, Megafon, who conducted the survey on behalf of European Energy, the developer of the project. 

Knud Erik Andersen, CEO of European Energy, said: 

”This confirms the experience we have had over the past month with residents, politicians and businesses in Frederikshavn. The survey shows that there is great support for the green transition of our energy sector among the residents of Frederikshavn. This is very positive and should make an impression on the rest of Denmark. Our experience is that a large majority of residents show support when green energy projects materialise. 

68% of the respondents answered that they are willing to have views of the wind turbines some 4 km from their homes to assist in the green transition, whilst only 22% disagreed.  

“This shows us that the residents of Frederikshavn are serious about the green transition. We are very pleased with the dialogue we have had with residents, and we look forward to working on the project,” said Knud Erik Andersen. 

The Frederikshavn site will consist of five test wind turbines, located 4.5 kilometers from the coast. Two turbines will have a maximum height of 200 meters whilst the remaining three will have a maximum height of 265 meters. The park will provide some of the needed test facilities for near-shore wind turbines that the industry has sought for several years.


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PR Manager

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