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Onshore wind

In 2005, we completed our first onshore wind project

+18 years’ experience in onshore wind developments

Our first commercial operation started in 2005 and consisted of 10 2MW turbines. At the time, there was greater opportunities for growth in Germany’s renewables sector – and so, we partnered with a Germany-based company to construct 4 of the project’s 10 required onshore wind turbines.

Cost efficiency and accelerated development

For the past two decades, wind power has been a widely sought-after technology for renewable developers – especially in European countries. The cost of onshore wind matches traditional sources in some areas of Europe in the mid-2000s. Prices have only continued to fall in recent years, driving down levelized costs while development rates have increased in parallel.

Typical procedure

Process overview

We screen, develop, construct, and provide additional forms of involvement in onshore wind farm projects.

  1. Phase 01


    Identification of opportunities in relevant markets and technologies, as well as assessing the feasibility and potential of the project, and obtaining land rights.

  2. Phase 02


    Developing the project to a permitted and buildable site, as well as developing planning layout and a plan for offtake, financing, or divestment.

  3. Phase 03


    Securing financing and selecting suppliers for all major contracts. Also structuring potential PPAs.

  4. Phase 04


    Finalising procurement of all contracts and finishing construction while completing delivery of the project safely on time and budget at the expected quality.

  5. Phase 05


    Managing the asset both technically and commercially, and ensuring a steady supply of green energy.


Thorvald Spanggaard

Executive Vice President / Head of Project Development

(+45) 20 18 39 78