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Our company

About European Energy

778 employees

We are more than 700 employees

41 nationalities

We represent 41 nationalities among our employees

23 offices

23 offices across 18 countries

European Energy aims to be a major global force in driving the green transition.
Vision statement
European Energy´s mission is to grow into a global force that champions the green transition, develop green energy solutions and encourage the world to join the movement towards a fossil free society.
Mission statement

Board of Directors

Jens Due Olsen

Chair of the Board of Directors. Former Deputy CEO at GN Group and current chairman of the board of directors at NKT

Keiro Tamate

Senior Executive Vice President, Head of EE-MHC Partnership. Deputy Managing Director at Mitsubishi HC Capital

Hilde Bakken

Former EVP at Statkraft and current board member at Electric Power Industry of Serbia, Øygrid, HV Cadre Holding AS, and Cadre AS.

Jesper Helmuth Larsen

CFO at BHS Logistics and former CEO at AJ Vaccines

Claus Dyhr

Partner at Right A/S and former CFO of BasisBank and Tivoli.

Knud Erik Andersen

Chief Executive Officer / Co-founder European Energy

(+45) 40 30 84 63

Mikael D. Pedersen

Vice President, Head of Chief Engineers and co-founder of European Energy