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Kalundborg is green

Mar 06, 2019

93% of residents in Kalundborg are either very positive or positive towards the green transition, while 89% say that Kalundborg should contribute to the green transition. These were the results of a survey with 1000 respondents conducted by Danish consultancy company Megafon on behalf of European Energy A/S.  At the same time, 59% of the citizens of Kalundborg Municipality support the plans for a coastal wind farm in Jammerland Bay at Kalundborg, while only 22% are against.

Knud Erik Andersen, CEO of European Energy A/S said:

“We are happy about the level of support for the project among the citizens of Kalundborg. The survey shows that the residents take the green transition of the energy sector seriously. We look forward to working on the project and therefore the green transition. ”

The wind farm will be located 6-8 km from the coast, and is expected to generate approximately 1,000 GWh of green power per year, which is enough to supply 225,000 households. The Megafon survey shows that 65% of the citizens of Kalundborg Municipality are willing to have a view of the turbines located 6-8 kilometres from their home.

Despite popular support, European Energy A/S has experienced opposition to the project, among both local politicians and citizens.

“The project at Jammerland Bay has been the subject of considerable debate for several years, sometimes more than other projects. However, in the same way as previously experienced, we find that opponents are more vocal and more willing to go on barricades for what they believe than supporters. This is of course alright, but it should not be confused with the fact that the opponents are actually in the minority,” says Knud Erik Andersen.

European Energy expects the wind farm to start construction in 2023-2024.


Ming Ou Lü

PR Manager

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