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Press release

European Energy turns up green heating

Feb 26, 2021

European Energy moves into green heating industry by taking part in the company Victor Energy Solutions with the aim of supplying heat pump solutions to Danish and European costumers.

The heat from your radiators must become more green. This is the ambition of European Energy and the reason behind the company’s latest move to take part in the company Victor Energy Solutions that will supply heat pump solutions to Denmark and the rest of the European market.

Although Danes are increasingly getting greener electricity through their sockets, there is still a long way to go before district heating can call itself green. Today, less than one percent of all energy that Danes spend on heating comes from renewable energy sources, including wind and solar parks. In other words, there are big amounts of CO2 savings to be gained by electrifying the heating of Danish homes and moving away from the traditional heating through the burning of biomass or trash.

– It is important that European Energy is at the forefront of electrification of the society and looks at where we can best be contributing to expanding the use of green power and deliver solid green solutions to the society. The electrification of district heating is a key area, where we will see a rapid development in the coming years, says Knud Erik Andersen, CEO of European Energy.

– I am therefore very pleased that Ole Nygaard, who has many years of experience within district heating, will enter into a collaboration with the European Energy Group and contribute with his knowledge and expertise to accelerate the green transition.

European Energy is establishing the company together with Ole Nygaard, who is the current CEO of Victor Energi- og Klimateknologi, and who has many years of experience in designing and building heat pump systems for the district heating sector.

– The green transition in the district heating sector has been accelerating in recent years. We must maintain and continue this development. I believe that with European Energy’s strong presence in Denmark and abroad and my knowledge of heat pumps in district heating, we have the right foundation to deliver plants that can supply green heating at competitive prices, says Ole Nygaard.

The new company is owned by European Energy, Ole Nygaard and co-investor Christian Riisberg.