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European Energy strengthens its Power to X efforts and joins the industry organization Hydrogen Denmark  

Apr 28, 2021

The Danish developer of wind and solar parks European Energy is now joining the Danish industry organization Hydrogen Denmark in a step to strengthen its efforts on the hydrogen business and Power-to-X solutions.

Since 2004, European Energy has installed and invested in more than 2 GW of green energy production. European Energy is a co-owner of REintegrate, which converts renewable energy into e-methanol, and therefore European Energy also invests heavily in the use and refining of the green power with hydrogen and PtX as the natural next step in the green transition. That effort is now solidified through enrollment in Hydrogen Denmark, which is the main organization for hydrogen and PtX in Denmark. And that pleases the director of Hydrogen Denmark, Tejs Laustsen Jensen, who expects a lot from the new collaboration:

 “I am very pleased that European Energy has chosen to join Hydrogen Denmark as part of their journey into the hydrogen and PtX area. It is crucial that hydrogen and PtX are considered with the production of of renewable energy, because there is no PtX solutions without expansion of renewable energy production, and here European Energy is a very important partner. Their competencies in the development, construction and operation of green energy parks are very valuable in relation to upscaling and implementation of hydrogen and PtX production in Denmark.  European Energy joining this quest to make Denmark an international frontrunner in hydrogen and PtX clearly shows that this is exactly where the next chapter in the green energy journey lies,” says Tejs Laustsen Jensen.

European Energy is also looking forward to the collaboration and explains that the enrollment in Hydrogen Denmark has to be seen in connection with the company’s growing level of activity within hydrogen and PtX.

“We are already well underway with a number of Power-to-X projects around Denmark, which we expect to be able to start during the next year and beyond. We see it as an obvious opportunity to get started with the PtX projects to use parts of the production of our green power and at the same time help to support the development of solutions that make the green transition of the transport sector in particular more effective. Hydrogen Denmark plays a crucial role in ensuring appropriate regulatory framework conditions for the roll-out of PtX in Denmark, and therefore we are very pleased to be part of the team and support this important effort,” says Knud Erik Andersen, CEO of European Energy.

For further questions or comments

Hydrogen Denmark: Director Tejs Laustsen Jensen, tel. 26 23 94 43

European Energy: Senior regulatory affairs manager, Mathias Berg, tel. +45 31 71 75 88