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Press release

European Energy launches agrivoltaics association in Italy

Nov 10, 2022

European Energy Italia has joined the AIAS association (Associazione Italiana Agrivoltaico Sostenibile) as a founding member.

The association unites companies in the renewables sector in a focus of development of agrivoltaics in Italy.

Agrivoltaics is to combine traditional agricultural use of the land with solar power generation. With the increasing attention to the investment and development of renewable energy capacity of Italy, European Energy hopes that the association’s upcoming activities will lead to greater awareness and further development on the great potential of this area.

– The successful integration of renewable energy projects with the surrounding  landscape has always been a key focus for our company. It is therefore only natural for us to look with interest at the development of agrivoltaics, says Alessandro Migliorini, Country Manager of European Energy Italy.

– The current goals of decarbonization in 2030 can be achieved more smoothly by combining agricultural production with energy production. This allows for the possibility of those working in the agricultural sector to find new resources to develop crops and investments, says Alessandro Migliorini, Country Manager of European Energy Italy.

Finding local solutions

As a country that has high quality crops and agricultural production, Italy will be able to benefit significantly from the use of an approach that combines the best technologies and design practices for renewables with the needs of quality agricultural production.

European Energy is committed to finding local solutions across its global operations in order to accelerate the build-up of renewable energy capacity.

– Despite that we have our headquarters in Copenhagen, we operate on a global scale with dedicated teams and offices across 26  countries. We have a good dialogue with local institutions, associations and entities. We are dedicated to the development of innovative technologies that is vital for the development of renewable energy projects in Italy, says Knud Erik Andersen, CEO of European Energy.

The goal of the AIAS is to support projects that enhance the productive potential of agriculture and photovoltaics, including through advanced technological solutions. Alessandra Scognamiglio from ENEA will be the first president of AIAS. he founding members are companies such as ETA Florence Renewable Energies, European Energy, Le Greenhouse, REA Reliable Energy Advisor, REM Tec and Renovo Bioeconomy.


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