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Metafuels, European Energy sign MoU to develop a methanol-to-jet sustainable aviation fuel project

Jun 29, 2023

Metafuels’ proprietary aerobrewTM technology will be used to produce e-SAF using feedstock from one of European Energy’s planned e-methanol production facilities in Denmark.

Metafuels AG of Switzerland and European Energy A/S announced today that they have entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to collaborate on the development and implementation of a sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production plant in Denmark using Metafuels’ proprietary aerobrew process.

The MoU contemplates the installation of the plant at one of European Energy’s current Power-to-X-sites in Denmark where European Energy plans to implement a power-to-methanol (e-methanol) production facility. Once installed, the plant will produce around 10,000 l/d of synthetic e-SAF, marking a major step in the scale up of the technology.

“The name of the game for us is to offer cutting edge technology with breakthrough performance” said CEO Saurabh Kapoor “And that’s what we will demonstrate at the e-SAF facility that we are developing in collaboration with European Energy.”

The global demand for e-SAF is set to undergo huge expansion in the years to come. The European Union’s RefuelEU Aviation initiative sets minimum blending requirements for e-SAF in the jet-fuel mix, rising to 35% by 2050. The international CORSIA (Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation) agreement, supported by over 120 countries and counting, will also stimulate global e-SAF capacity expansion. Metafuels’ aerobrew technology is positioned to enable fuel manufacturers to serve these markets and meet their SAF blending obligations.

“As a company committed to Power-to-X, we are always looking for opportunities to develop new markets for our products” said CEO Knud Erik Andersen “We are confident that the demand for e-SAF will take off within the coming years, and we are delighted to work with Metafuels as they bring this important technology to market using feedstock from one of our future e-methanol facilities in Denmark.”

The methanol-to-jet route using aerobrew technology promises to combine high energetic efficiency with high conversion of carbon, delivering e-SAF at competitive prices. Not only that, but it also maximises the efficient conversion of valuable and often constrained feedstocks, including renewable electricity and sustainably sourced CO2, to the desired product with minimum waste.

About Metafuels

Metafuels is a cleantech company active in the development and deployment of proprietary sustainable fuels technology. With an initial focus on synthetic aviation fuel, Metafuels is positioned to address one of the most difficult-to-abate sectors responsible for around 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Through its licensing and investment activities, Metafuels strives to bring technologies to market that will have a significant impact on the achievement of global net-zero targets – protecting the environment, conserving natural resources, and supporting social cohesion.

About European Energy

European Energy is a Danish developer of solar and wind farms and Power-to-X solutions. Founded in 2004, the company has since developed and built almost four GW of renewable energy and is currently present in 28 different countries with more than 650 employees. European Energy aims to be a major global force in driving the green transition and has a current pipeline of more than 60 GW of renewable energy projects. European Energy has several active construction sites in Denmark where Power-to-X-projects will come into operation within the next 12 months.

For more information on European Energy, visit, www.europeanenergy.com 

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