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European Energy welcomes the end of EU-minimum prices for Chinese solar modules

Aug 24, 2018

With the removal of the Minimum-Import Pricing scheme, Europe can look forward to cheaper solar energy and substantial job growth.

The EU-Commission has decided to remove the minimum price barriers for Chinese solar modules that have been in place since December 2013. The minimum prices will removed effective 3rd September 2018. As a developer of utility-scale wind and solar projects, European Energy welcomes this move.

CEO of European Energy, Knud Erik Andersen, said:

“The result of this decision is that solar parks in EU countries will become cheaper to construct. That is good news for the green transition in Europe. This decision will generate substantial growth across the solar industry in Europe while at the same time making solar energy cheaper than all existing fossil fuel-based energy generation. This is a very positive development for the environment, for European taxpayers and for European businesses.”

European Energy has been critical of the minimum pricing scheme from the outset. The Danish developer expects higher activity in the European solar business after the minimum prices are removed.

“Previously Europe was the centre of the global solar industry. After the minimum pricing scheme was implemented we have fallen behind and are now makeup a small fraction of the industry. Over the past four years China has seen the bulk of Solar PV development while the European market continued to struggle. In the coming years, Europe can again become an interesting proposition for utility scale solar, both in terms new projects and job creation. At European Energy we have high hopes and look forward to developing a substantial portfolio of European projects,” said Knud Erik Andersen.

China installed approximately 50 GW of new solar capacity in 2017 in global market of 100 GW, while the EU member states installed 5.6 GW. According to calculations from Ernst & Young the removal of the minimum import pricing will create a further 40,000 new jobs in Europe adding to the existing 80,000 jobs in the European solar business.


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