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European Energy and Pure Renewables join forces in European Energy Heating and kick in the door to large-scale renewable heating sector

Nov 01, 2021

With the first contracts already signed, the new company European Energy Heating is off to a head start in the British heating sector. Today most UK homes and commercial buildings are centrally heated by fossil fueled boilers. European Energy Heating plans to make UK homes and commercial buildings sustainably heated using electric heat pumps.

The companies behind European Energy Heating, European Energy and Pure Renewables, see a booming market for more sustainable and green heating solutions in the UK, as more and more UK businesses and organizations are looking to reduce their carbon footprint not least in their heating needs.

European Energy Heating will deliver standard and custom-, large-scale electric heat pumps for commercial uses such as district heating networks, public buildings, schools, hospitals, and horticulture.

European Energy already has a large portfolio in the wind and solar sectors and entered the green heating sector in recent years with the aim to offer green heating solutions throughout Europe. European Energy Heating UK is the first such heating division outside of Denmark.

– We see a lot of potential in the UK heating market, where the current green heating systems are both more expensive and less efficient than what we can offer to the market. By partnering with Pure Renewables, who have an extensive market knowledge and presence in the UK, we aim to provide modern and environmentally sustainable heating solutions to the British customer installed and serviced by the UK venture”, says Claus Jacobsen, Commercial Director Heating at European Energy.

In addition to offering the green heating solutions as standalone units, the new company will also offer system integration with solar and wind energy to further improve on the business case and carbon reduction of the business proposition.

Pure Renewables Commercial Ltd was born out of Pure Renewables Ltd, a company established 15 years ago to deliver renewable heating to the domestic market.  Early successes enabled it to venture into the commercial sector delivering >100kW heat pump systems to hotels, non-assisted living complexes and large country homes of distinction.  Combining this experience with European Energy Heating’s high performing tried and tested heat pumps will enable European Energy Heating UK to design, specify and deliver heat pump systems >250kW.

 – We are in exciting times when there has never been as clear a call for zero-emission heating alternatives to fossil fueled appliances as there is now. The task of decarbonizing the UK’s heating infrastructure is a big one, but one that as an industry we’re capable of addressing.  A large part of the solution will come via the large-scale heat pump systems offered by European Energy Heating UK.”  Chris Whitelock, Managing Director of Pure Renewables Ltd.

Chris Whitelock will also be Managing Director of the new joint venture, ably supported by David Kennedy as Operations Director, a role he also holds with Pure Renewables Ltd. David brings with him a wealth of experience in the large commercial heating sector.

European Energy Heating’s heat pump systems are already being installed at St. James Hospital Leeds (Air Source), Greenwich Council District Heating (Aquifer Source) and Buccleuch Estates (Ground Source).


Learn more about the new company here: https://europeanenergy.com/en/heating


Ming Ou Lü

PR Manager

(+45) 31 26 93 76