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European Energy enters cooperation on green aviation fuel

Jan 12, 2022

European Energy and the American company Vertimass have signed a Letter of Intent to integrate technologies for capturing carbon dioxide and converting it into hydrocarbon products around the world including in the field of green fuel for jet, diesel and petrol engines.

The future of aviation fuel can be green according to European Energy. Therefore, the Danish developer of solar and wind energy and Power-to-X-solutions has signed a Letter of Intent to strengthen the cooperation with the American company Vertimass, which specializes in converting methanol into fuel that can be used in jet, diesel and gasoline engines.

European Energy has already today built a pilot plant in Aalborg together with Aalborg University, which produces e-methanol – and is in several places in Denmark in the process of developing large-scale PtX-facilities that use energy from solar and wind power to produce e-methanol. The first of the large plants will supply e-methanol to i.a. Maersk from the end of 2023.

– European Energy is ready to play a key role in the green transition. Through PtX solutions, we can help bring renewable energy into the sectors that are still forced to use fossil fuels today. It can, for example, be in fuel for the aviation industry, where we see great potential in being able to combine our knowledge of e-methanol with Vertimass’ technology, says Søren Knudsen Kær, Head of Technology in European Energy’s PtX department.

Vertimass’ technology sustainably produces vital fuels and chemicals from methanol, ethanol, and other renewable alcohols with high yields that can dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared to sourcing these products from petroleum. The simplicity of this single reaction stage results in low capital and operating costs. The technology originated from Oak Ridge National Laboratories operated by UT-Battelle, with Vertimass obtaining worldwide exclusive rights in 2014.

Vertimass technology for producing jet fuel and chemicals from methanol derived from carbon dioxide offers ethanol producers, electrical power generation facilities, cement producers, and other sources of carbon dioxide release the ability to reduce greenhouse gas footprints. In addition to helping lower carbon footprints, jet, diesel, and gasoline fuels and chemicals derived from renewable alcohols can improve strategic security, rural economies and international competitiveness.

– Vertimass looks forward to feeding methanol made from carbon dioxide using renewable electricity by European Energy technology to our unique single-stage reactor to make hydrocarbons,” said Vertimass CEO Charles Wyman.

– Combining these technologies could not only produce Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAFs) and other hydrocarbon fuels with net zero carbon emissions but also mitigate climate change by converting carbon dioxide into renewable plastics, thus permanently removing this greenhouse gas from the atmosphere.


Ming Ou Lü

PR Manager

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