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Ammongas will supply CO2-capture and purification facility to biogas plant in Tønder for use by Power-to-X

Sep 15, 2022

A new CO2-capture facility will in future be located at ENVO Biogas Tønder. The CO2-captured will be used by European Energy to produce e-methanol, which will be delivered to the shipping company A.P Moeller Maersk. The plant is supplied by Ammongas, of which European Energy is a co-owner.

With this development, the production of e-methanol at European Energy has moved one step closer to realization. Earlier this year, European Energy entered into an agreement with ENVO Biogas Tønder for the supply of purified and liquid CO2. It is now certain that Ammongas will supply the facility that cleans and liquefies the CO2.

CO2 is a key ingredient in the production of e-methanol that European Energy will produce in the municipality of Aabenraa from the end of 2023. Danish biogas plants play an important role here, as they emit large amounts of CO2 in connection with the production of bio natural gas. Instead of being emitted into the atmosphere, this CO2 can now be used in the production of e-methanol and other Power-to-X products such as sustainable jet fuel. This displaces the fossil CO2 that would otherwise be emitted by burning conventional fuels.

With the agreement, Ammongas expands its competences within the capture and handling of CO2.

– We are very proud of the agreement with ENVO Biogas Tønder, as it both emphasizes and expands the central role that we are on our way to achieving in the market for capturing and handling CO2. There is no doubt that this market will grow significantly in the future, and it will be an important part of our future growth, says Anker Jakobsen, CEO of Ammongas.

For European Energy, the agreement underlines the unique position on the Power-to-X market that the company has achieved:

– We already have strong competences within all links in the chain of Power-to-X – from the production of renewable energy to hydrogen and methanol plants. Through the investment in Ammongas, we have gained additional competences in the CO2 area, and the agreement between Ammongas and ENVO Biogas Tønder demonstrates the significant synergy between the areas, says Emil Vikjær-Andresen, Head of Power-to-X at European Energy.


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Press Manager

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