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European Energy’s  development pipeline in Romania has reached almost 1 GW

Oct 10, 2022

European Energy is pursuing its expansion of activities in Romania. The company now has a development a pipeline of 935MW renewable energy with 810MW in solar and 125MW wind. The first solar park project of 20MW is ready to build and the construction is scheduled to start within 2023. The company has also received grid connection approval for another 125MW project which is well under progress.

– The new European Energy’s office in Bucharest will support our ambition to develop, construct and operate a portfolio of large-scale renewable energy projects. We see the very firm decision of Romania to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions in Europe. Romania is fostering more investment opportunities for the green energy production in the country, says stated Ioannis Kalapodas, Head of Office European Energy Romania.

– The demand for green energy is growing not least because of its cost efficiency. Renewable energy will not only change the consumption. It will also transform the heavy transport and the building heating sector in the coming years.

European Energy has 10 local projects in Romania under development. Nine in photovoltaics energy and one in wind. The plan is for the company to use the renewable energy to fuel Power-to-X technologies such as green hydrogen and e-methanol

In the following years, European Energy aims to become one of the significant market players in Romania on renewable energy. European Energy is also set to play significant role of the local offshore wind and Power-to-X market. European Energy has already taken steps into the world of Power-to-X technology. There are several Power-to-X projects in development in Denmark, using electricity from solar and wind power plants to fuel the production of e-fuels.

– Renewable energy is getting to the stage where it can be used for more and more purposes in the coming decade. We believe we are one of the frontrunners on the Power-to-X market not only in Romania, but in the world, added the Ioannis Kalapodas.

Romanian targets

European Energy believes that Romania will meet the EU target of growing share of renewables in final energy consumption by 2030. Furthermore these targets are under the revision and will be increased.

– Today, the installed energy capacity of solar and wind in Romania is not that high compared to other European countries. We plan to change that by constructing more electricity generating capacities using renewable energy in Romania . There are a few improvements that would help us in this task, as the administrative processes for project development and the grid connections are still quite long and complicated. Also, the offshore wind, the agri-photovoltaics and Power-to-X areas are still lacking legislative framework, concluded Ioannis Kalapodas.

Romania is seen as a fast-growing market for wind energy in the Southeast European region. The country could add more than two GW of wind farms by 2030. Currently, the country has about three GW of wind power and almost 1.5 GW solar power as of by the end of 2021, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

– We are now entering an era in which green electricity is key to unlocking CO2 emission challenges in the heavy transportation, chemical industry, and heating sectors. In this new era, European Energy has green solutions that ensure we truly can reach the global goal of a carbon-free world, as we have already taken pivotal steps into the world of Power-to-X and green heating. This will be a huge step for our planet, said Knud Erik Andersen, Chief Executive Officer European Energy.


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