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Next Generation: A community for young talents at European Energy

Mar 10, 2023

At European Energy, we have a vibrant community for our student assistants, interns, and trainees. We call this community “Next Generation”. The young talents are valuable in the company, and European Energy wants to invest in their future career both on a personal and a professional level.

“Our goal is to create a comfortable and educational space, where students from different educational and cultural backgrounds can learn from each other and develop professionally and personally”
Emma Frank Roat, Student Assistant & Next Generation Rep

The value of the Next Generation

The young talents at European Energy are viewed equally as our full-time employees. By the beginning of 2023, the community consists of more than 50 young talents. The goal of the company is to offer students, interns, and trainees a potential future career at European Energy and every opportunity is used to retain the talents, so they develop into key roles in the company.

What is offered to the Next Generation

Next Generation meets for lunch at the office twice a month, where they network and chat. There is also an event organised each month, which alternates between social and educational.

The events vary between going bowling, having a dinner, visiting our solar/wind parks, and attending informative and useful workshops.

These activities provide great opportunities for the young talents to network and get to know people with different educational backgrounds. A main thing that the community has resulted in is that many employees have become not only good colleagues, but also good friends privately.

We seek to offer our young talents full-time positions

Many new students, interns, and trainees enter the organisation each month. The speed at which the Next Generation community is growing and evolving is in line with the company’s overall development, as 268 new employees were hired in 2022.

Due to the rapid growth of the company in general, it is also very likely that the young talents are being recruited for full-time positions later in their career.

Please contact the Next Generation Representatives for more information on being a young talent at European Energy

Emma Frank Roat

Next Generation Rep & Student Assistant, Offshore Wind

Emil Nyborg Steendahl

Next Generation Rep & Student Assistant, Communications

Nele Marie Soltau

Student Assistant, Talent Acquisition

(+45) 53 61 48 17

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Ambassador Page – Emma Frank Roat

Ambassador Page – Emma Frank Roat

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