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CO2 and European Energy — a surprising solution for Europe to reach climate neutrality

Aug 30, 2023

CO2 generally has a bad reputation for being the main culprit in global warming. This conception may need to be revisited, as one form of CO2, namely biogenic CO2, can hold tremendous potential to help solve the climate crisis.

“We need clean and liquified biogenic CO2 to produce e-fuels, and we will need a lot of it.”
Knud Erik Andersen, CEO, European Energy

Biogenic CO2 – A carbon source needed for tomorrow’s sustainable fuels

Biogenic CO2 is emitted from the decomposition or burning of organic material, such as plants or biomass. Unlike fossil fuels, which release carbon that has been sequestered for millions of years, biogenic CO2 is part of the normal carbon cycle. In this cycle, plants and ecosystems naturally release and recapture CO2, thereby maintaining a balance. Because biogenic CO2 is an integral part of this natural cycle, it is considered carbon neutral in the long run.

E-fuels and Decarbonising Hard-to-Abate Industries

Biogenic CO2 serves as a critical ingredient in the production of e-fuels, which offer close to carbon-neutral alternatives to traditional fossil fuels. By utilising e-fuels, industries with traditionally high carbon footprints – such as shipping, aviation, and plastic production – have a viable pathway toward decarbonisation.

Secure CO2 availability for utilisation and storage

As we move towards a more sustainable future, it is crucial to differentiate between biogenic CO2 and fossil CO2 in the context of e-fuel production. Biogenic CO2 should be the primary carbon source for e-fuels, while fossil CO2 is best stored underground.

By strategically leveraging biogenic CO2 in e-fuels and coordinating technological innovations, industry collaboration, and supportive regulation, we can both mitigate the climate crisis and transform CO2 into a cornerstone of a new era of sustainability.

Recommendations for CCUS

10 recommendations for scaling up CCUS in the EU

To unlock the full climate potential of carbon capture, utilisation, and storage (CCUS) technologies, political and regulatory measures should aim at promoting both utilisation and storage. The following 10 recommendations will support the creation of a single market for CO2, which is fundamental for a thriving European CCUS industry that will play a crucial role in reaching climate neutrality in Europe by 2050.


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