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European Energy Surpasses 130 MW Renewable Capacity in Poland

Oct 04, 2023

In a significant milestone for European Energy’s operations in Poland, the company announced that it has exceeded 130 MW of renewable energy capacity in the country.

This is a crucial achievement since European Energy first set up its local headquarters in Warsaw in 2021. Displaying an unwavering commitment, European Energy is instrumental in shaping the renewable energy landscape in Poland, primarily focusing on wind and solar projects as well as potential Power-to-X technologies.

In 2022, the company achieved a remarkable feat by integrating the Pomerania Wind Portfolio into the grid, boasting 60 MW of operating capacity. This year alone, European Energy has already installed an additional 71 MW, bringing the total to 131 MW. This growth was facilitated by the initiation of new projects, including the Liskowo Wind Park (38 MW), Debsko Wind Park (8 MW), Sulimerz Solar Park (10 MW), and Krzecin Solar Park (15 MW). Furthermore, the company is at an advanced stage of development with two solar farms, which combined, have a capacity of 76 MW and are ready for construction.

European Energy recognizes the vast potential within Poland’s renewable energy sector and is in continuous pursuit to expand its project pipeline in the country. Currently, this pipeline has five GW spanning various technologies.

– Poland offers a dynamic and promising market for European Energy. Our diverse and expanding project pipeline exemplifies our commitment to boosting renewable energy solutions, integrating innovative technologies, and advancing in solar, wind, and other renewable sectors, says Olga Sypula, Country Manager of European Energy in Poland.

Reflecting its increased business in Poland, European Energy recently set up a second office in Poland in the city of Gdynia. Currently, the organization has over 30 employees in Poland dedicated to the green energy transition.

– We are positive about the reinforced incentives and the supportive policy environment in Poland. This momentum drives our mission to bolster renewable energy capacity and align with Poland’s ambitious green energy objectives, says Thorvald Spanggaard, Executive Vice President and Head of Project Development at European Energy.

Since its founding in 2004, European Energy has made significant strides by installing approximately three GW of Renewable Energy Source (RES) projects worldwide. In 2022 alone, the company showcased its robust presence by investing around 800 million EUR, with over one GW under construction and 60 GW in the developmental phases.


Ming Ou Lü

PR Manager


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