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European Energy plans to more than quadruple energy production at wind farm acquired from SEF

Nov 08, 2023

A wind farm near Berlin in Germany is getting new owners with European Energy purchasing the land rights and permits to put up renewable energy from SEF, a Danish utilities company. The plan from European Energy is to more than quadruple the energy production at site by upgrading the wind turbines.

European Energy has announced the acquisition of Niemegk wind farm located in the vicinity of Berlin, previously owned and operated by SEF – a Danish utilities company. This acquisition includes the transfer of land rights and essential permits necessary for the construction and generation of renewable energy.

The wind farm, currently operating with a capacity of 30 MW since its inception between 2004 and 2007, will undergo a repowering effort. European Energy plans to reinvigorate the facility with new and more powerful wind turbines, bolstering the site’s energy output and efficiency and quadrupling the annual energy production at site.

– We recognize the untapped potential of the Niemegk wind farm. Our initiative to repower the facility is a testament to our commitment to reinforcing Germany’s renewable energy infrastructure to address the growing energy needs sustainably, said Johannes Thon, Vice President for Project development in Germany in European Energy.

The move to ramp up renewable energy production will enhance the wind farm’s generation capacity to 64.8 MW.

– We are happy to close a deal with European Energy, that makes sense for both parties. With their huge expertise in repowering, we feel confident that European Energy can realize the full potential at Niemegk, while we focus on local projects concerning renewable energy, said Lars Foged, CEO at SEF A/S.

Niemegk with its 15 existing wind turbines each having a capacity of 2MW is an ideal place to have repowering done by installing new wind turbines. Modern day onshore wind turbines typically have a capacity of up to 7.2MW each.

With a plan to replace existing turbines with newer turbines, European Energy will not only more than double the energy capacity but also significantly increase the overall energy production due to the upgraded turbines’ greater height and efficiency.

The upgrade is predicted to quadruple the current output, dramatically boosting the provision of renewable energy—from satisfying the annual consumption of 11,000 European households to over 43,000.


Ming Ou Lü

PR Manager

European Energy

Phone: +45 3126 9376

Email: miol@europeanenergy.com