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Press release

European Energy wins contract for wind farm project in Germany

May 16, 2024

A wind farm tender in the municipality of Nalbach in Saarland, Germany has been won by European Energy. Local involvement central in project.

European Energy has successfully won a tender for the construction of a wind farm in Nalbach, Saarland, Germany. This will help the renewable energy development in the area with significant benefits for the local municipality.

The tender was held by the municipality of Nalbach to find investors for a patch of land that the municipality owns. European Energy has participated in several of these onshore tenders in Germany – which are held when the municipality owns land that it wants to develop.

European Energy is offering local citizens and the municipality various participation models, allowing them to directly engage with the project. Additionally, all income from the land lease will be directed to the municipality.

“The new wind farm in Nalbach will significantly accelerate the energy transition in Germany and Saarland. It is particularly important to us to maximize the added value for the local community while simultaneously protecting the environment. We see this as our responsibility,” says Johannes Thon, Senior VP and Deputy Head of Project Development in European Energy.

European Energy has strong cooperation with Vestas in Germany, and the project is forecasted to involve the installation of three state-of-the-art Vestas V172 wind turbines on land owned by the municipality. Each turbine will have a capacity of 7.2 megawatts, resulting in a total output of 21.6 megawatts for the wind farm.

European Energy intends to apply for the building permit this year and anticipates a swift approval under new accelerated processes coming into effect next year.

This new project highlights the company’s commitment to clean and sustainable energy production, which will significantly contribute to the transition to green steel production in the region. With Saarland’s goal to reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 55 percent by 2030, European Energy is prepared to leverage its extensive expertise in green hydrogen production for further investments in the area.


Ming Ou Lü

PR Manager

Email: miol@europeanenergy.com

Phone: +45 3126 9376