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The Danish State Railways and European Energy sign agreement for new solar park construction

Jul 01, 2024

Copenhagen, Denmark, 1 July, 2024 – The Danish State Railways (DSB) has signed an agreement with the European Energy that ensures the construction of a new solar park in Eastern Denmark. This solar park will increase the production of renewable energy in Denmark.

The solar park is located at Rødby Harbour in Lolland Municipality, and the work to construct the solar park will commence after the summer holidays. Once completed, the solar park is expected to have an annual production of 262 GWh, equivalent to the electricity consumption of nearly 65,000 households.

According to the agreement, DSB will purchase 80 GWh when the solar park is completed in 2025. This amount corresponds to approximately 50 percent of DSB’s current electricity consumption for light rail network in Copenhagen.

Aske Wieth-Knudsen, Head of Sustainability at DSB, states:

“We are very pleased with the new agreement between DSB and European Energy. We actively want to accelerate the green transition in Denmark, as we aim to reduce the climate impact of our operations by 98 percent by 2030 compared to 2019. With this agreement, we contribute to a faster transition to green electricity in Denmark, thereby strengthening the position of trains as one of the most climate-friendly modes of travel,” says Aske Wieth-Knudsen, and continues:

“We have a declared goal to continuously improve the climate and environmental performance of DSB and contribute to reducing the overall environmental and climate impact of the transport sector. The new agreement with European Energy supports this goal and is an important step towards covering DSB’s energy consumption with renewable energy.”

The solar park will become one of the largest in Denmark.

Jens-Peter Zink, Deputy CEO at European Energy, comments:

“As more parts of society become electrified, we will need more green energy capacity. Therefore, it is incredibly important that large entities like DSB engage in the green transition and help bring renewable energy projects like this to life,” says Jens Peter-Zink, and continues:

“In the entirety of Eastern Denmark, there is a shortage of renewable energy, luckily we see several municipalities, herein Lolland municipality, leading with the expansion of renewable capacity, especially with our future Power-to-X plans in the area.”

The new solar park, with a total area of 253 hectares, will be one of the largest in Denmark and has been named Lidsø Solar Park. The area is leased from three landowners for 30 years.


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