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Power-to-X (PtX)

Power-to-X provides a resource for the green conversion of our society

Case: A story of co-existence

Power-to-X in the Municipality of Aabenraa

In Aabenraa, Denmark we are building a PtX-facility located next to our solar park Kassø. The PtX facility will deliver the first fuel for the world’s first containership running on e-methanol.

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We offer carbon-neutral e-methanol (chemically identical to fossil methanol) that can play a key role in the seamless transition to decarbonization within a number of sectors including transportation, heavy industry and plastics.

Green hydrogen

Green hydrogen and e-methanol (produced from renewable electricity and biogenic CO2) is carbon-neutral and can empower your business to meet current and future environmental regulations, with the ultimate result of significantly reducing your company’s carbon emissions.

“European Energy is ready to play a key role in the green transition. Through PtX solutions, we can help bring renewable energy into the sectors that are still forced to use fossil fuels today. It can, for example, be in fuel for the aviation industry, where we see great potential in being able to combine our knowledge of e-methanol with Vertimass’ technology.”
– Søren Knudsen Kær, Head of Technology in European Energy’s PtX department.


Contact for business inquiries

European Energy’s PtX team consists of experts who each possess unique and substantial experience from within the chemical and/or renewable industry.

Our growing PtX team provide competencies across the entire cycle of a PtX plant i.e. business case development, engineering and design of best-in-class PtX-technology, management of procurement and construction, asset management (incl. operation and maintenance), and general project management.

Emil Vikjær-Andresen

Executive Vice President / Head of Power-to-X

(+45) 25 10 05 75

Jens Ole Madsen

Head of Business Development in Power-to-X

(+45) 22 75 41 01