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Meet Karolis Tuinyla

Meet our Asset Manager, Karolis Tuinyla

“Experiencing such a rapid transformation of the whole organisation from the inside is very exciting. Although I graduated with an MBA, this is not something you’re going to learn at university.”
Karolis Tuinyla, Asset Manager, European Energy

Q&As with Karolis

Who are you?
My name is Karolis. I was born and raised in the most beautiful country called Lithuania.

How would you describe yourself?
Passionate, straightforward, committed, always seeking for unconventional approaches. In my professional and personal life, I am keen on stepping outside of the familiar and comfortable, trying to embrace new perspectives by taking some risks.

What do you do at European Energy?
Commercial asset management. I’d put it in simple terms: maximise revenue, minimise OPEX and enjoy the green transition.

How do you try to be a creative enabler of the green transition?
Even small changes can have a big impact when we all work together towards a greener future. So I am starting with myself by incorporating small sustainable things into my home, getting involved on my social media platforms and educating my network.

What are the best things about working at European Energy?
Experiencing such a rapid transformation of the whole organisation from the inside is very exciting. Although I graduated with an MBA, this is not something you’re going to learn at university.

Why is it important for you that European Energy is a driving force in the green transition?
Our lives have never been so prosperous as now, but this has come at the cost of excessive consumption and huge disparities in poverty between countries. This worries me. I believe we can go a long way towards solving these 21st century problems by transitioning to renewable energy sources and managing our resources more effectively. And that’s what we do here at European Energy – create sustainable economies!

What are the best things about your colleagues?
The best thing is that I can refer to my colleagues as a second family. It’s pure joy and privilege being yourself in the office. The first thing that comes to mind when I think about my colleagues is “shared values”. It might sound cliché, but I personally feel that it serves as a platform for innovation. When employees are aligned in their values, they are more likely to collaborate effectively. This leads to innovative ideas and solutions.

European Energy has six core values. In it together, Excitement, Inclusion, Agility, Trust & Courage, and Ambition. What are the most important values for you and why?
Definitely agility and ambition. I personally like good competition and you cannot win without one or the other. Our industry is one of the most regulated industries because it produces electricity, which is a commodity. Even though everyone has to play by the same set of rules, there are some companies that are more successful than others. European Energy is one of them and agility is the key. The function is simple. Agility enables rapid response to new opportunities and challenges, leading to increased competitiveness.

What has been your best experience so far at European Energy?
Coming from a real estate background, my best experience so far has been the discovery of the renewable energy industry. It’s fascinating to meet so many passionate people in this field.

What do you like to do outside work?
For me, swimming is a form of therapy. It allows me to go with the flow. Have my own pace and peace. And you are definitely a better person when your mind is clear and noiseless. I also really enjoy fishing and riding motorcycles.

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