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Power Purchase Agreements

Sustainable energy procurement


A Power Purchase Agreement is a long-term energy power supply contract.

Fixed price

The contract consists of a fixed electricity price.

Renewable power

The agreement guarantees renewable power from an energy farm to a business.

How does a typical PPA process look?

Step 1

Request for proposal

Step 2

Project offer and details

Step 3

Term sheet

Step 4


Step 5

Signing the PPA

Step 6

Inauguration and public statement release

PPA with Clever

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  • European Energy signs PPA with 595°

  • ENCAVIS acquires two solar parks (105 MWp) in Denmark from European Energy

  • Clever guarantees green power to electric cars with new solar park

  • European Energy opens construction on its first wind farm in Lithuania


Send your request for a proposal or reach out to our PPA team to hear more about our range of solutions. We provide fully custom solutions that meet every need and expectation of your company’s unique case.
Contact our team at ppa@europeanenergy.dk

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