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Our commercial asset management services

Commercial asset management

At European Energy our commercial asset management team handles all commercial aspects of the parks and the operational companies, as well as the financial reporting for all the assets. It is a team of dedicated and experienced people with competencies and experience for numerous markets.

  • Contract management and optimization: Managing/renegotiating the contracts entered into by the SPV (fx regarding internet connection, energy consumption, high voltage, insurance, balancing agreements, etc). The focus is to optimize the contracts to the best possible extend.
  • Revenue optimization: Performing 360 degrees review and optimizing the assets revenue through services such as curtailment compensation, sale of green certificates (GO’s) and other ancillary services.
  • Corporate Services: Managing the company according to the applicable law in the different countries.
  • Compliance: All kinds of compliance in accordance with the current regulations in each country (energy regulation, financial regulation, tax etc).
  • Financial administration: Invoice controlling and approval, revenue controlling, VAT-filing, accounting, preparation for annual reports, communication with banks, etc.
  • Financial management: Managing and optimizing liquidity, performance of dividend, support re-financing, ensuring appropriate financial reporting to the customer, etc.

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Lars Bo Jørgensen

Lars Bo Jørgensen

Head of Commercial Asset Management

(+45) 51 41 70 13