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Our technical asset management services

Technical Asset Management

Our technical asset management team work to ensure the most efficient and safe production of the assets. Our highly skilled engineers with experience within both wind and solar parks strive to improve all aspects of all of our assets, and they are always ready to handle any challenge that might arise.

  • Supplementary Monitoring of the assets and Performance Reporting
  • Technical Optimization of the Assets
  • Stakeholder Management including utilities, grid operators, manufactures, local authorities and communities
  • Maintenance coordination through operations and maintenance providers including contract renegotiations
  • Compliance with building permits, contracts and legislation
  • Handling insurance claims and verifying warranty obligations
  • Renegotiation of contracts
  • Maintaining permits, authorization and licenses
  • ESG reporting assistance
  • Relationship management between investor and third party contractors such as landowners, power supply, TSO, DSO, etc.
  • Ensuring that health, safety and environment-procedures are in place and met
  • Site visits
  • Data analysis and KPI management toward technical performance and optimization

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Jacob Gotfred Johansen

Executive Vice President, Head of Asset Management and Operations