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Operations by European Energy


Operations and maintenance (O&M) services

European Energy delivers high-quality O&M services to solar farms

We are committed to optimizing asset performance and ensuring high asset availability by applying our efficient and proven work procedures. The combination of technical asset management and O&M Services within European Energy enables us to provide a full suite of holistic services to our customers.

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Our commitment to your asset

Professional operation and maintenance services are one of the key elements in maintaining the successful operation of the asset throughout its lifetime. With our services, we ensure the high availability of your asset while retaining focus on a strong preventive scope.

Read more about our operation and maintenance services below:

  1. Recurring inspections
  2. Electrical component maintenance
  3. Structural component maintenance
  4. Greenkeeping & Farming
  5. End-of-Warranty Inspections
  6. Extensive inspection programs (Thermography)
  1. Anomaly detection
  2. Troubleshooting and error resolution
  3. Incident reporting
  4. Spare parts management
  1. Monitoring
  2. Performance Analysis & Reporting
  3. Power Plant Control

Operation & Maintenance Team


We are well-prepared to operate and maintain your asset.

Martin Kolkenbrock

Head of Operations Management